Newyography | Upper V | New York City Architecture

Newyography | Upper V | Architectural Photography

Newyography | Upper V | New York City Architecture

The Backstory:

My wife and I set out for NYC last year (2014) to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with just ourselves.  We had a lot to be thankful for as we had just learned a couple weeks prior that we were expecting a baby.  After two and a half years and a few invitro procedures the excitement from this news was going to make NYC even more special.

The Upper V:

I realized from our trip back in 2013 that I had an affinity for what I like to call ‘Upper V’ compositions.  It’s where you’re standing in the dead-center of the intersection and shoot up slightly in order to have the buildings verticals converge while at the same time creating a vanishing point in the distance. The other variants of the Upper V is to compose the vanishing point towards the edge of the image or by using a structure, itself, and its components to create the look.

The most interesting thing about the Upper V and New York City, in particular, is that these compositions are everywhere you go, giving credence to the city’s interminable grid of architecture, character, and history.

It never gets old. I love New York City.

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