Positioning yourself and your listing in the best possible situation is the key to success.  There are many factors that contribute to that success but, the one we foster to relates to the photography. Using real estate photography by RealTourCast, your sellers will be excited to see their home displayed in such a beautiful fashion and in turn their decision to choose you as their Realtor will be affirmed.

The images produced for your listing is arguably the most critical component of the affair.  After all, it is those images that will be first noticed above all else and they will be used to compare other real estate listings of interest.  Utilizing professional real estate photography, your listings will sell faster and fetch a higher price, that is a fact. Even better is the reality of securing more clients or listings by showing them images from your previous listings that RealTourCast photographed. 

RealTourCast was the first to establish professional photography as a primary marketing system for real estate in Metro Louisville. That was several years ago in the middle of an abysmal economy. Our success, insofar, is directly related to the images we produce, the way we conduct ourselves professionally, and the trust, loyalty and respect that we have earned. We can be reached at (502) 930-2114.



Information to help you familiarize yourself with our process and the way we handle our affairs. Want to know more?  That’s great! We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.  We can be reached at (502) 930-2114.

What is involved in a typical real estate shoot?

You should expect us to be on site for roughly one to two hours in order to complete the shoot. Images are usually delivered within 24 hours unless other arrangements are made.  Delivery will be through email or other services such as Dropbox or Google Drive; we do not provide images on physical media like CD’s or USB drives. Our packages include images only, slideshows are offered for an additional fee. RealTourCast’s goal is to provide the highest quality images with the least amount hassle.

What are the benefits of using RealTourCast?

We will position your listing, with categorical assurance, in the best possible light. Our goal? The images will attract the buyers, setting you up for a successful open house, in which you’ll receive multiple offers and sell the house…all other things being equal.


Experience, professionalism, and discretion are three of the several important factors that separate us from others. RealTourCast employs the finest equipment and uses special field techniques that have been refined over time in order to capture images that are bright, sharp, and inviting.


The way we carry ourselves on site is an integral part of our service, as well. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business and will act accordingly…well-dressed and well-mannered.

Preparing your real estate listing for the shoot.

Not every house is staged and there’s nothing wrong that…this is real estate photography, not editorial. The best thing we can suggest is to clean and de-clutter the house. Removing all signs of pets is a good idea, too. Counter tops in the kitchen should include only the primary items, the bathroom vanities should be completely cleared, and items in the shower should be put away, as well. 


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